The first one of my Halloween flash got done the other day.
I also made myself a new insignia.  Lots of goings on around here. if you need anything.
Here is a better picture I found, with the flesh smooshed to reduce the wrapping. if you need anything.
I just added to this one I did many moons ago. if you need anything.
Welcome to October! 
I have these drawn up and ready to tattoo at your beckoning. I will do one of each in black and one of each in color.
These will be administered on a first-come-first-served basis, but leaving me a deposit on my chamber door for one will save it for you.      
Please point your Ouija board to if you would like to pick a plot for yourself.
I’ll have an announcement for you regarding some hallowed tattoos in the next few days…
Out of everything we picked up at the Gothy Yard Sale, this is my favorite.
This game was part of 13 Year Old Jon’s introduction to the gawthy side of life, so you can imagine how my crunchy black heart quivered at the sight of this.
Thanks so much gothiccharmschool for putting this on!
You would assume that if you take one million pictures of one item, then one of them would turn out halfway decent.  You would assume incorrectly. for appointments or commissions.
Yesterday I received my beautiful 38mm plugs from oaksplugs and I couldn’t be more thrilled.
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