Doodling the day away. if you need anything. if you’d like a tattoo of some sort.
Many exaggerated thanks to vegandreadlocks for getting me laced up with these new antennae!
And I will probably continue wearing this Die Form shirt for the next few weeks, so I’ve got that going for me.
Nena stopped by today to get these Smiths words in my very own winding handwriting.
She also brought us a big bag of delightful treats from Violet Sweet Shoppe! Thanks, Nena!
Because we must. if you’d like a zap of some sort or another.
Pugsley’s been very Slugsley in all this heat, so we gave him another buzz cut. 
He looks very jazzy.
Another dreadful sunny day in Seattle.
Wife and I came prepared.

Solstice Salutations!  We got the Death shirts in and they are now available on our Etsy!

We still have some of these left, and now 100% of the profits will go to help our friend’s sister that was recently diagnosed with cancer.If you don’t want a shirt, you can support her directly at if you need something or other.
Jenna stopped by today for this little Rorschach on her leg. 
Please e-mail if you would like something or other.
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